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Full Mouth Dental Implants - Attleboro Falls, MA

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Our motto is “Premier Choice, One Day, New Teeth” for a good reason. If you’ve suffered the pain, frustration, and embarrassment of extensive or total tooth loss, we understand you. We want you to know all of that can end in just one day. With the poor quality of life and low self-confidence you’ve experienced, why wait longer? Durable, natural-looking dental implants, placed by an acknowledged expert, means you don’t have to. We have a highly skilled specialist here at PremierOne Implant Centers whose qualifications make us your premier choice for full mouth dental implants in Attleboro Falls, MA.

Dental implants practice has been placing dental implants for more than 15 years. Our dentist  completed many years of advanced training following dental school. This gave him broad expertise in surgical procedures, as well as a greater understanding of the big picture: how healthy teeth, gums, bones, and facial muscles are all interrelated. This is far beyond the qualifications of many practitioners. He’s not only qualified to provide treatment, he’s passionate about it. See how he can help bring back your smile in one day now with TeethXpress® …

Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Steps to a Perfect Smile

Step 1: Free Consultation
Most patients come to us ready for dental implants or can quickly become an implant candidate after one or two prerequisite treatments. We’ll determine this and all other aspects of your care during your free dental implants consultation. This visit gives us a chance to learn your individual smile goals as well as complete an oral examination and imaging. All of this is crucial because no two patients are alike. We gear our treatment to you. With the combination of our low-radiation cone beam CT scanner and SICAT technology, we can fully diagnose your condition and preplan your placement. During preplanning, we perform a virtual run-through of the procedure and even develop customized tools for your treatment. Using these surgical guides, we set ourselves—and you—up for success. See why now …
Step 2: Same-Day Smile Solution

When you come back to our office for your dental implant placement, we’ll make you comfortable with our IV sedation options before beginning any procedure. Some of our IV sedation options actually allow you to sleep right through the process. We’ll also perform any tooth extractions you may need to make room for your implants.

Following that, we place your custom-made surgical guides over your jaws. Through these we surgically insert as few as five durable implant posts into each jawbone to act as your tooth roots. These guides ensure the posts are placed at just the right position and angle. With the TeethXpress® protocol, you’ll have the option to receive temporary restorations the same day! 

Step 3: Post-Surgical Healing
In the months following placement, your implants will steadily fuse with your jawbone. This is a process called osseointegration. This bond is what allows you to restore nearly 100% biting power. Due to the advanced healing protocols we use during implant placement you’ll experience a smoother recovery process. After you’ve fully healed our office will help coordinate final restorations with your prosthodontist or general dentist. Before you know it, your quality of life and your confidence will be restored!

Dental Implants Within Your Budget

You can have a full set of teeth again! While they certainly are an investment, just think about all the value they give you. They’re built to last many years and don’t develop cavities and decay like natural teeth do. They allow you to fully enjoy life again. To get you there, we work with several of the top third-party financing companies to help split your total cost into smaller, more manageable payments. Contact us to discuss just how affordable full mouth dental implants really are!

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Put the Smile Back on Your Face

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