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Anesthesia Options - Attleboro Falls, MA

No Pain, No Fear

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

At PremierOne Implant Centers we understand how common dental anxiety is. We also know how to help you overcome it. Making you as comfortable as possible—and your treatment as painless as possible—is our passion. We have licensed anesthesia providers on staff, including our acclaimed oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Mark Schenkman, who has had years of advanced training beyond dental school. We have one of the most advanced anesthesia delivery systems available, designed for your safety and comfort. And we offer many kinds of anesthesia to suit the complexity of your treatment. If you’re looking for a practice with sedation options up to general anesthesia in Attleboro Falls, MA, you’ve found it.

Our Anesthesia Options

General Anesthesia

Used for the most complex, invasive dental procedures such as full mouth dental implant placement, general anesthesia is a combination of medications that renders you totally unconscious. Only specially trained practitioners, like the ones we have on staff here at PremierOne Implant Centers, can provide this level of anesthesia.

IV Sedation

We administer this type of anesthesia intravenously, to put you in a sleep-like state, though you’re technically still awake during your procedure. You won’t feel anything during treatment nor remember anything about it later.

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Benefits of Sedation

  • Minimal pain
  • Greater relaxation during treatment
  • Decreased dental anxiety
  • Reduced gag reflex
  • Better dental health from regular dental appointments

The Dangers of Dental Anxiety

If you’re afraid of dental visits, you may decide to skip them and ignore dental symptoms that should receive attention. The associated risks are considerable, since small dental health issues that go unchecked can eventually turn into big ones. In these instances, the end result can be a far more serious condition than you would’ve had if you’d pursued treatment earlier. This can lead to additional systemic complications, more pain, and more treatments. With all of our sedation options, this need never happen to you.

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Your Comfort Is Our Top Concern

See the difference our anesthesia options can make.