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At PremierOne Implant Centers our guiding goals are to make you as healthy as possible and as comfortable as possible. Advanced technology empowers us to do both. For dental implants and tooth extractions, always choose a technology-equipped specialist.  You can rely on our advanced dental technology in Attleboro Falls, MA. A self-described technology aficionado, With it, we’re able to consistently provide a high quality of care with exceptional outcomes.

Why We Use Advanced Dental Technology

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Select In-House Technology

SICAT Guided Technology
SICAT technology enables us to complete your dental implant placement virtually before we perform the actual procedure. This helps ensure optimal results. With SICAT we can create customized surgical guides that help make your placement as precise as possible. We slip them right over your gums and insert the implants through them to get the location and angle exactly right.
CBCT Imaging
Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is imaging technology that delivers high-resolution 3D images of your mouth with a fraction of the radiation of conventional CT equipment used in many facilities. Using this revolutionary tool, we can diagnose issues below the surface of your teeth and gums as well as preplan dental implant surgical placement.
Intraoral Camera
This wand-like camera enables us to get high-quality, real-time, close-up views inside your mouth that reveal where the problem areas are. This is also a high-tech alternative to a mirror. You can see exactly what we see—on a large, bright TV monitor.
An alternative to sharp instruments, this technology uses ultrasonic vibrations to carefully and precisely cut through hard tissues such as bone and tooth enamel during tooth extractions and other treatments. The precision of the instrument enables us to avoid damaging any of the neighboring soft and hard tissues.
Plasma-Rich Growth Factors (PrGF)
We have advanced techniques to speed up your healing after bone grafting, dental implant placement, and other treatments. Plasma-rich growth factors (PrGF) occur naturally in human blood. With a tiny sample of your blood, we can isolate these growth factors from the other elements. We then reintroduce them into your treatment site. These form a protective layer, allowing healing to continue unimpeded and stimulating tissue regrowth.
CEREC System
Surgical guides enable us to place dental implants with extreme precision. Using CEREC technology, we can create a customized guide for your placement procedure right here in our office. We do this with digital impressions. These are virtual mockups we make of your teeth through imaging—instead of making you bite down on sticky goo, as in the old days.
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