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Laser Treatment Post Operative Instructions - Attleboro Falls, MA

Laser Surgery Post-Operative Instructions

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You will have some bleeding from the area this is normal. Gauze will be placed in your mouth before leaving and you will be given extra if needed. If a Laser is used, there is normally no bleeding and you will not need the gauze.

You may have some swelling develop after an extraction. Ice over the area will help keep swelling to a minimum, as well as keeping your head slightly elevated for the rest of the day. The day after surgery you may want to place warm, moist heat over the area for twenty minutes at a time throughout the next couple of days to reduce swelling. The swelling will peak and begin to resolve after the third or fourth day.

We recommend soft cold foods following the procedure. Avoid hot fluids and foods, as they can burn your mouth or cause excessive bleeding, straws and any acidic or spicy foods. Chew on the other side of your mouth if possible until the site has healed. Avoid any hard, sharp or crispy foods; nuts, seeds, gum, granola, ect. because they can become lodged in the extraction site and cause discomfort or even infection. Acceptable foods include ice cream, yogurt, jello, soft chicken or fish, pasta or steamed vegetables.

A full list of recommended foods can be found on our website.

Most patients will do fine with an OTC (over the counter) medication like Tylenol or Motrin after their extraction. You will be provided with a prescription for a narcotic pain medication if needed. It should be taken with food, usually every 4 to 6 hours for persistent pain and discomfort. Patients who are taking the narcotic pain medications should not drive, work or go to school. This is a Narcotic and can limit your ability to perform simple tasks, and it may also make you drowsy.

A clean mouth will heal faster than a dirty mouth! The night of your procedure you will not want to spit or rinse your mouth. You may gently wipe it out with a warm face cloth or the extra gauze given to you after brushing. Spitting and rinsing the day of your procedure may cause bleeding. The morning after you may brush your teeth as usual, gently rinsing with warm salt water instead of mouth rinses like Listerine or Scope. They contain alcohol which may cause tissue irritation, or dissolve any stitches placed before they are ready to be dissolved or removed.

We ask that you refrain from any strenuous physical activity for the first 72 hours. When you raise your heart rate, you increase your blood flow. That can cause unnecessary bleeding or throbbing in the surgical site. You may resume your normal routine, usually, after 72 hours. Sutures may have been placed, you will be told whether they are absorbable or if they will need to be removed. If a laser was used, the wound will change color as it heals. It will be black at first, then red then white as the new tissue grows in and will eventually turn pink or “tissue” color. Do not pull or tug on the are if at all possible.

If you are a smoker we ask that you do not smoke at all for the first 5 days after your surgery. Smoking delays the gum tissues ability to heal itself. Use a patch or quit if at all possible.

If you have any questions that have not been addressed or any further complications, please do not hesitate to call the office. 

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