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After IV Sedation

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Immediately after Surgery: Patients who received a general IV sedation should return home from the office immediately upon discharge, and lie down with the head elevated until all the effects of the sedation have disappeared. IV Sedation effects vary by individual, and you may feel drowsy for a short period of time or for several hours. You should not operate any mechanical equipment or drive a motor vehicle for at least 12 hours or longer if you feel any residual effect from the sedative:

Diet: If you feel nauseated or sick to your stomach, start with sips of water or ice chips. If these liquids are tolerated well, then try to drink clear liquids like broth, apple juice, Gatorade, tea, or jello. If still OK, after 30 minutes try full liquids, such as pudding, yogurt, milk shakes, and finally progressing to eating soft foods such as mashed potatoes, rice, overcooked pasta, scrambled eggs, or fish.

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