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Wisdom teeth, also called 3rd molars, usually erupt during our late teens. Sometimes they don’t even come in at all. Since wisdom teeth don’t grow in tandem with our permanent adult teeth, they can become impacted, which means they fail to erupt fully through the gums. They can also grow in crooked, making them difficult to clean properly and more prone to infection and to the decay that can affect any tooth. If you experience any of these issues, look to PremierOne Implant Centers for removal of your wisdom teeth in Attleboro Falls, MA.

Led by a highly experienced expert, we consider wisdom teeth extractions second nature.  We have the expertise you want when you’re having any kind of tooth taken out, empowered by years of advanced training beyond dental school in all types of dental surgeries. When you notice any symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth, reach out to us without delay.

Common Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

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Exceptional Care at Every Stage

While it is a type of tooth extraction, wisdom teeth removal is a more complex surgical procedure. Unlike typical extractions, it requires us to open up your gums to fully access and clear the impacted teeth. Also, unlike other teeth, wisdom teeth don’t need to be replaced after removal. Our team will provide the highest quality of care before, during, and after your wisdom tooth removal. Before the procedure, we use advanced imaging equipment to assess the condition of your teeth. During extraction, we keep you relaxed and pain-free with IV sedation options. We provide all levels of sedation, including some that enable you to sleep right through your procedure! Afterward, we set expectations about your recovery and provide advice on how to take care of the extraction sites. You can expect to miss one day to one week of work or school in addition to the procedure day.  This mostly depends on the depth of impaction and how much work is required to get the wisdom teeth out.  Come in for a consultation so we can set realistic expectations. While you’re recovering, follow ALL aftercare instructions carefully to avoid complications such as dry socket, a painful condition during which the nerves and jawbone underneath the extraction site become exposed. Take care of yourself and you should be back to normal within a few days to a week.

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