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Don’t Endure Painful Teeth

Tooth Extractions Offer Relief—and an Opportunity

Infected, damaged teeth can cause pain so severe that eating, drinking, and even sleeping become a challenge. Next to childbirth, it’s considered one of the most acutely painful sensations one can experience. Our dentist specializes in tooth extractions. He honed his expertise with years of training after dental school and is prepared for any eventuality. He and the staff here at PremierOne Implant Centers always attempt to save a natural tooth. In some cases, the decay or damage may be so extensive that our only option is to perform tooth extractions in Attleboro Falls, MA.

Left in place, a sick tooth can compromise the surrounding teeth, bone, and gums and cause you continuing pain. We strive to make tooth extractions as gentle and painless as possible with multiple IV sedation options that help you stay relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment. Let’s look at a few reasons why you might need a tooth extraction and the opportunity they can provide.

What Leads to Tooth Extractions?

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Make Way for a Tooth Upgrade

Your pain should go away soon after we extract your problem tooth. However, this shouldn’t be the end of your treatment but the beginning. After your extraction, you’ll have an unsightly gap in your smile. In addition, the bone below the empty tooth socket can start to recede without the stimulation that tooth roots provide when you chew. Eventually, you may lose jawbone and more teeth, and your face may take on an aged, sunken-in appearance. 

Apart from wisdom teeth, all adult teeth should be replaced after removal. Whether you’ve lost one tooth, many teeth, or all of your teeth, dental implants are a way to regain the full function and beauty of your smile. They can really boost your self-confidence and your quality of life—and they’re made to last. Plan ahead and you can have your tooth extractions and dental implant placement done during the same appointment. Be sure to ask about dental implants if you need a tooth extracted!

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Don’t let a problem tooth grow worse!