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Laser Dentistry - Attleboro Falls, MA

Minimally Invasive Soft Tissue Treatment

Laser-Focused on Your Health

If you have a fear of sharp dental instruments you’re not alone. If you choose PremierOne Implant Centers you have nothing to worry about. As a leading provider of laser dentistry in Attleboro Falls, MA, we can complete select treatments without scalpels and needles. Our advanced laser system enables us to provide minimally invasive soft tissue procedures. That means faster, more precise results with less pain and bleeding. A self-professed technology aficionado, our own Dr. has always insisted on using top dental technology in our practice.

How We Use Dental Laser Technology

We use our laser system primarily for soft tissue removal and reshaping:

The name might not be familiar, but you’re definitely familiar with your frenula. Those are the slender pieces of soft tissue that connect your tongue to the floor of your mouth and your upper lip to your upper gums. If these tissues are too small, they can limit your ability to eat and speak normally. We can free your tongue and lips from restriction and allow you to enjoy full, natural freedom of movement by removing these tissues with our laser.
Soft Tissue Recontouring
Do you feel like you have too much gum tissue showing and not enough of your teeth when you smile? That’s sometimes called a “gummy smile,” and it’s very common. It’s also very easy to treat through laser-based soft tissue contouring (or crown lengthening). Using our laser system, we can carefully remove excess tissue to rebalance your smile. This will make your teeth more visible and gums less visible. After treatment you can replace your self-consciousness with self-confidence. The results are immediately obvious!
We conduct regular oral pathology exams to look for any signs of serious disease within your mouth. If we find any unusual growths or lumps, we can remove them with absolute precision using the laser. Neighboring healthy tissue will remain untouched. We’ll then send the tissue sample to a lab for analysis.

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The Many Advantages of Laser Dentistry

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