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Single Dental Implants - Attleboro Falls, MA

The #1 Solution for One Infected or Missing Tooth

A Dental Implant Can Improve Your Quality of Life

A severely decayed tooth, or one that’s already fallen out, needn’t limit your enjoyment of eating, speaking, laughing, and smiling. In fact, if you have just one decayed tooth in your mouth, you never have to go even one day with a missing tooth spoiling your smile. Our gentle, caring team can remove and replace it during the same appointment, putting you on the path to a complete set of functional, comfortable, healthy teeth. Durable, natural-looking dental implants make it possible. PremierOne Implant Centers can change your life with even a single dental implant in Attleboro Falls, MA.

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Must-Have Benefits of a Dental Implant

Dental Implant Placement

Step 1: Consultation, Exam, and Imaging
Like most patients, you probably are already eligible for dental implants or can become a candidate after some preliminary treatments. Dental implant treatment plans vary from patient to patient, because we take your smile goals, your current dental health, and other factors into consideration. We’ll cover all these in your initial consultation. There we’ll also capture 3D images of your mouth using our in-house cone beam CT scanner. This revolutionary tool enables us to clearly show you what’s going on beneath the bone and skin with a fraction of the radiation of conventional equipment. This, along with SiCat virtual implant planning software and CAD-CAM technology, enables us to tailor a precise treatment plan to fit your unique needs.
Step 2: Placement

When you return for your dental implant procedure, we’ll first make you comfortable using our IV sedation options. We have anesthesia choices to suit even patients with extreme dental anxiety, including some that enable you to sleep right through the procedure! Before placement, we can extract any damaged or infected teeth and then restore any decayed jawbone with bone grafting if needed. Next, we place your customized SICAT surgical guide over the treatment area. This allows us to precisely insert a durable implant post into your jaw to take the place of your lost tooth root. We use BioHorizons® and MIS® implants, which are known for their superior quality and durability. Each implant is designed to hold a crown immediately after surgery, meaning you can have an infected tooth removed, have an implant placed, and in some instances, even have it restored in just one day!

Step 3: Your Complete Smile
During the months that follow your implant placement, your implant will gradually fuse with your jawbone. This process will be aided through advanced healing protocols we use during placement. Once you’ve finished healing, you’ll see your restorative dentist or prosthodontist to receive your final restoration. Our office will help coordinate your care for your convenience!
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Amazing Smiles Can be Affordable

How much does it cost to get your healthy smile back after one bad tooth compromises it?  A dental implant is indeed an investment—in a more fulfilling life. Dental implants don’t decay and won’t lose their original color. If you take care of them, they can last for many, many years! To help you enjoy their priceless benefits, we offer financing through several major third-party financing companies. They can help you break your cost into affordable monthly payments that won’t exceed your budget. Don’t accept a flawed smile when a better one is within reach! Every situation is different, so come in for a consultation and let us show you the solutions we can offer.

Our Patients tell the story best

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One Bad Tooth Isn’t the End

It’s the beginning of a beautiful new smile.